You Can Sleep During Pregnancy: The Miracle of Maternity Pillows

Although the most well-known symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness, “How to Handle Morning Sickness” has terrific tips on dealing with that aspect of pregnancy), one of the hardest things about expecting a baby is how exhausted you are all the time. First, you start carrying around more weight than you’re used to, and then you’ve got crazy hormonal things happening that can leave you feeling out of sorts.

If you’re like me, your feet are swelling and becoming kind of painful. And then, once you get into bed to recover from all of that, you can’t sleep, especially as your belly grows and becomes a larger and larger thing to manage. There is help, though. An entire industry has grown up around the creation of maternity pillows. These pillows to be used during pregnancy range widely in size and shape and purpose (as well as price), and all of them claim that they are the key to a restful sleep.

Pregnancy / Maternity pillows

During the third trimester of pregnancy, when your belly is enormous and interfering with your rest at night, you start to become desperate for help. Also, when you’re pregnant and lying down, often you get heartburn and your backaches. To make things worse, the current recommendations tell you that you should not sleep on your back or belly, making sleeping on your side the only real option. Pregnancy pillows are not a miracle, but they can help you get some extra rest while pregnant. Although there are more pregnancy pillows out there, here I tell you about the pregnancy / maternity pillows I used personally: the Snoogle pillow, the best pregnancy pillow and a regular body pillow. All these pillows are easily found, either at Babies R Us, Target or other national chains, as well as online.

Snoogle Maternity Pillow by Leachco

I heard about the Snoogle on some of the baby boards. People raved about it. I raved about it too, when I got it. But it took some looking to get it, and it was a bit on the pricey side, I thought, for a pillow. This is a C-shape maternity pillow that helped me rest during my pregnancy. The pillow is cylindrical in shape, and it is curved at both ends. The way this pillow works is by supporting your belly and back, keeping your spine aligned. I bought this pillow towards around the time I was three months pregnant. My belly was starting to become pronounced enough that it was affecting my sleep because it wasn’t big enough to reach the mattress and gain support there, but it was kind of pulling me over and making me fight to stay on my side and not sleep on my belly. The Snoogle solved this problem because it provided support for my back so I could lean into the Snoogle and balance my weight better.. The way I used it is that one end started curved down between my knees, and then worked its way up, around my back, and the up under my head. It was a great feeling, like a cocoon. I slept better immediately after I started using it.

The Snoogle isn’t perfect, though. When you become very pregnant, it doesn’t provide support for the belly, and it has to be replaced or supplemented with other pillows. Also, the cover that it comes with is not particularly soft. It’s actually kind of rough. You might want to put a pillow case over the end that your face is against. Finally, it ain’t cheap. It runs around $50 (but when you’re pregnant, you’re willing to spend on rest – and you should, because once the baby comes, you won’t be getting much rest).

Back N’Belly by Leachco

There is a new pillow that Leachco has come out with that I would recommend. It is called the Back ‘N Belly.It allows you all the benefits of the Snoogle plus the belly support that the Snoogle. However, it has another of the disadvantages of the Snoogle – it is not highly portable. These are large items.

If price is a barrier (the Snoogle retails for about $50-60), instead of the Snoogle, you can get a regular body pillow at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Linens and Things. A regular body pillow is great for snuggling with, folding up behind you, and even for placing underneath your mattress when you want to have your feet a bit elevated so that the swelling drops.

Boppy Pregnancy Comfort Wedge

The Boppy Pregnancy Comfort Wedge is a nice little pillow. Unlike the Snoogle, it is small, highly portable, and inexpensive. It fits under your belly during the last weeks of pregnancy, when you’ve become a bit bigger than you ever imagined. And as your belly exceeds your expectations, there are unexpected difficulties. One of the main ones is a simple lack of support. This pillow solves that. I used it in combination with all my other pillows, and it was great. I got it at Target for about $15. Oh, the cover on the wedge is great, soft, smooth, and comfortable. The cover is also machine washable.

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