Write Your First EBook for Extra Income

EBooks are the new book of the internet. You can find almost any book written as an eBook. An eBook is simply a book that has been written on a computer by an author, but has been set up to be bought and read electronically on the computer, instead of buying a hard copy of the book in a store. Many people are becoming familiar with eBooks and looking for them online now days. To write your first eBook you should follow these simple steps.


The first thing that you want to do when writing an eBook is decide what you want to write about. You could write an eBook about anything from parenting to cleaning to budgeting and much, much more. The possibilities are endless. The way that you should choose your niche topic is by figuring out what topics you know a lot about. Do you know a lot about sewing or the economy. Start with a topic that you already have some knowledge about and want to learn more about.


Once you have figured out your topic you will want to figure out who your audience will be that will be interested in this book. Will your book be appealing to economists, doctors, lawyers? Who will search for key words in your topic to find your book and then be interested enough to read it.


The next thing you want to do is give your eBook a catchy title. The title should be very appealing to the audience who you have decided will want to read the book. If you are writing a book about how busy moms can make easy Christmas centerpieces, then you will want to play the key words in your title.

Use all of the key words that would interest the audience that you can. So your title may be “How busy moms can make a festive holiday centerpiece for the Christmas dinner table”. Some of the key words that are often searched for in that title would be moms, holiday, Christmas, and dinner. So searches with any of those words could help draw more traffic to your eBook.


You want to grab and keep the readers attention when they are reading your eBook. Make sure to include new, innovative ideas, thoughts, and suggestions in the eBook to keep the reader engaged. Do your research to find out new information on your niche topic to include in your eBook. You can combine new ideas through research with your ideas and write a very interesting and engaging eBook that will keep readers coming back for more.

Source: eBookWeek

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