Types of Antique Slot Machines

Whether it is caring for a singe antique slot machines or enjoying a collection of multiple machines, collecting and tinkering with antique slot machines can be a fascinating hobby. If you’re looking to play on retro slots in a bitcoin casino we recommend you click that link.

Bally Slot Machines

Founded in the 1930’s by Raymond Maloney, Bally Technologies has been manufacturing Bally slot machines for the gaming industry for some 75 years. While Bally is best known amongst game enthusiasts as one of the major manufacturers of pinball machines, there are over 300,000 Bally slot machines out in circulation, and it is hard to find a casino without some live modern Bally machines on the floor. A few notable models of Bally slot machines are the Money Honey, the Playboy and Blazing 7s.

Mills Slot Machines

Mills slot machines are a Depression era line of machines that were very prominent during the early 20th century. A few classic old models of Mills Slot Machines are the Puritan Bell, the Copper Extrordinare and the Black Cherry Hightop Over/Under. One of the rarest but most intriguing models is the Mills Dewey Double, a man sized machine that is operated by a hand crank and plays live period music while it operates.

Jennings Slot Machines

Jennings slot machines began appearing during the early 1900’s with slick chrome models like the Gooseneck and the Victoria. However, some of their most interesting models appeared later with their electromechanical slot machines of the 50’s through the 70’s. Some famous Jennings slot machines include the Little Duke, the Rockaway Jackpot and the Solid Sun Chief. While many of the old machines are no longer in operation, there are also Jennings slot machine repair manuals on the market for enthusiasts who find a non working model and feel up to the challenge.

Watling Slot Machines

Watling slot machines are far less common than the Mills and Bally slot machines, but Watling slot machines are amongst some of the most attractive and interesting of the old machines, especially if you admire old time woodworking and furniture from the early 1900’s. Watling slot machines have an Old West look like some thing straight out of a saloon. A few classic models of Watling slot machines are the Watling Brownie, the Rol-a-top and especially the old upright machines.

Slot Machine Accessories

However, while parts can be found through antique slot machine vendors if you are looking to repair a broken machine, you are probably better off having a professional take a look at it if you are not very experienced with tinkering with old mechanisms. There are also reproductions of owners manuals available for many old slot machines such as the Mill’s Operators Guide published by Yesteryear.

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