Men Beware – You Can Be a Fashion Victim

Men! Beware as you can also be fashion victims. Read and use the following guide to help you enjoy wearing nice clothes. At the same time, you will feel comfortable.

1. Why do men wear ties?

Haven’t you wondered why that tie must be tied tightly around your neck in order to be professionally dressed? Did you ever think that ties can actually be unhealthy. A small study published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology in 2003 found that wearing tight ties daily [or often] could raise eye pressure. This could perhaps lead to a mis-diagnosis of glaucoma. So yes, wear the tie, tied in your preferred knot, but DO NOT tie it so tightly as to bother you.

2. Do you still buy the same size shirt collar size as you did in high school?

If so, perhaps you don’t realize just how tightly that shirt collar fits. To find the right size, measure around the base of the neck just below the Adam’s apple. Leave a fingertip’s width. Also, realize that using starch when laundering shirts can shrink collars. When it comes to black men fashion, we strongly recommend that you update your wardrobe once every 2 – 5 years.

3. How about your belt?

If you must hold your breath so much it hurts, just to get your belt tightened, it is too tight. Do not delay, go out and buy yourself a new belt. This is not a splurge, but could improve your health,

4. Do you take time to look at all the jeans out there?

Maybe those Levis you’ve been wearing for years – or the skinny jeans – need to be upgraded to a bigger size or just a different type of fit. Jeans should be one of the most comfortable things we wear. If they bind and keep us from bending or sitting comfortably, it’s time for 1] a new pair, 2] Good Will, or 3] eating less and exercising more.

5. For goodness sake buy yourself a heavy coat, hat, gloves and even a scarf.

No, you won’t need the entire collection very often, but if you must walk, travel long distances by car, or live in a cold climate you need to be safe. Wrapping a scarf around your mouth and nose on below zero and very windy days can keep your lungs from sucking in so much cold air. For anyone with lung problems – you know the problem.

Researchers have found that wearing clothing that fits too tightly can possibly cause acid reflux, heart and breathing concerns. Ask a friend if you must – but you will look much better in the size meant for you than the size you possibly continue to buy – “just because.” Many wives or family members often purchase their guy’s clothing. Remind them, if needed, that the size 15 shirt no longer fits or is comfortable.

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