Internet Poker, a Craze Amongst the Ages

I have played poker nearly my entire life. In college I became excited about my skills and spent a lot of time in a New England casino fine tuning my talent. But it was Internet poker that got me reacquainted with my hobby. Sometimes being a college students obtaining credit is easier than obtaining cash. Anytime I didn’t feel like doing laundry or if I wanted some free stuff I would go to the school bookstore and sign up for credit cards and receive a free shirt. I believe at one point I had around eight various credit cards. This isn’t uncommon so warn your children who are going off to school and give them plenty of quarters for the laundry room so they don’t mess up their financial records.

The beauty of Internet poker is that there is always a game going on or a tournament of some kind. 5:30 am you can’t sleep, do you think your friends want to play cards with you to keep you occupied? Right now if I double click on my mouse within seconds I have well over one hundred games and tournaments at my fingertips. Of course they are strangers but who better if you are trying to take their money? The worst case is when a group of guys who take each others money every weekend or on a regular basis go to a casino only to sit at the same table surrounded by the same people. Not only is that unintelligent but it takes away front he true value of the game. How do you become better at anything playing the same opponents time after time. Expansion is key and the World Wide Web is breakthrough for poker and poker players.

What most people think

Most people argue that it is not the same as in real life. They are right for the most part. It is harder to catch tells and read your enemy. I use the word enemy because thats what the opponents are. Poker is war. The chips and how you use them determine your strength and skill. To think of the game otherwise is only taking steps backwards.

A common complaint of the game online is, “I always lose” or “The game seems weighted”. If anything, and people don’t realize that it is too random. Well guess what? There is no such thing as too random. Its numbers and math, which are including in almost everything if not everything that we do. Only difference is that it is a computer doing our dirty work and calculations also known to humans as “shuffling”. If you can’t play the odds don’t play the game. That brings another point to mind. If your the person who argues and complains about every loss, you too should not play the game. Poker is not about luck either, although it is included and a key aspect of the game. There is a reason why it’s the same nine players or so at the final table in the World Series of Poker Championships every year even after the popularity of the game skyrocketed. All said and done if you can not afford to play or your going to complain and emphasize every loss then poker is not for you. Your going to lose. Your job is to give yourself the best chances of not losing.

You need patience in poker

Another component a player must have to win on or off line is patience. At a full table if you can win one decent hand every hour and minimize your loses by folding, not chasing cards, or plainly not giving away your money your in good shape. This is definitely much harder to do online. Its more flashy, more fun, and you don’t have your friends around to keep you company and chat up a storm in between hands. Besides, chat boards in the online game are usually full of nonsense and heckling. You want results and you probably expect them fast. The key here is that online you have the option of playing at more than one table at a time. Who would have ever thought? Poker took a step closer to blackjack. Faster paced allowing you to sit out at the tourney tables where you have a comfortable lead. This helps with our need for fast paced entertainment and also allows us to play more conservatively at the same time.

Playing poker for free is not my idea of a good time. To make it more competitive the poker websites host satellite tournaments. A satellite tournament is a regular tournament only super sized. They also usually consist of a prize a the end, either a chance to win a seat at the World Series, free stuff or other ingenious ways to keep you playing on their website. Speaking of websites, some of the more popular ones are Poker 99 Online , Fulltilt and Paradise Poker. All of which I would recommend since I have been successful on all of them most recently Fulltilt acquiring nearly one million in chips.

Final point to be made

Last but not least whether playing online or in real life the player needs to bet his hand not gamble. If you are confused think of it this way. A gamble is something that is uncertain. A huge risk for a usually less than huge reward. A bet is something you place more confidence behind. It is like saying to your friend, ” I bet I can get more phone numbers from girls than you at this bar tonight”. Your do your best to succeed. And you wouldn’t put your money behind it unless you thought you had a good chance. Especially since your friend is an ugly mug and your absolutely stellar.

Since the online game has changed and the initial poker surge in 2000 has relatively come to an end we find ourselves asking is it just a phase? The answer is easy. NO. Poker will be here forever. It has just never been more mainstreamed before and with every mainstream comes change. It probably will fall in television ratings and modern popularity but the game will never die. If you want to find a poker table you will never have to look too hard whether a friends basement, online or in a casino.
Minimize your loses and maximize your profits. Happy betting.

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