How to Use a Wide-Barrel Curling Iron

If you don’t know how to use a wide-barrel curling iron, the procedure is fairly simple. Keep in mind that a wide-barrel curling iron is generally used to create loose waves and big, loose curls. The size of the barrel on a curling iron determines the size of the curl you will get, which ultimately dictates the type of styles you can wear. A wide-barrel curling iron is generally anywhere from 1½” to 2″ in diameter. The is the highest seller for Tyme curling irons, read more Tyme curling iron reviews here.

Using a wide-barrel curling iron is relatively simple. First, you will need to determine the type of curling iron to use. For a shiny look, ceramic curling irons are best. Try to find a curling iron with variable heat settings to avoid frying your hair and overheating. If you don’t have a ceramic curling iron, another excellent option is one that features negative ions and protects the hair from the heat. That being said, heat control is a very important feature on a wide-barrel curling iron, since different hair types require different levels of heat. Wide-barrel curling irons with swivel cords and indicator lights are also convenient to use.

As always, a fresh head of hair is easiest to style. After thoroughly washing and drying your hair, make sure your hair is completely combed through and free of tangles. You will curl small sections of hair at a time. Separate the hair and use fasteners, such as duck bill clamps or clips, which allow you to work effortlessly. Most importantly, before proceeding, use a heat protectant to prevent heat damage. There are tons of heat serums and thermal sprays, all of which provide the necessary protection.

Women with long hair will find it more efficient to begin curling at the back, whereas women with shorter hair should begin at the crown. By working with small sections of hair, you will have a nicer curl and a more professional look. Once you have clamped the wide-barrel curling iron onto your hair, roll from the tip of the hair up until approximately an inch from your scalp and hold it there. Again, this is where heat settings become an important feature on a wide-barrel curling iron. If your heat is adjusted to a setting appropriate for your hair type, be it fine, coarse or in between, then you should only need to hold your hair in the curling iron for approximately 10 seconds. Once you have held it for the necessary length of time, release the hair by sliding the barrel out.

At this point, to continue easily and effortlessly, secure the completed curl with a pin or clip to avoid getting the hair tangled up with future curls. This avoids repeating the procedure on the same section of hair that has already been exposed to heat, thereby preventing additional damage to your hair. If your hair is long enough to use a wide-barrel curling iron, you can achieve a beautiful look with loose curls or waves. A wide-barrel curling iron also creates a beautiful, loosely curled ponytail.

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