How to Setup a VPN on Mac OS X

Ok, so here is the scenario. You are trying to upload torrents and it cuts off peers A LOT. You then did research to see if your ISP does network shaping (Qos shaping) and find out they do. You then are stuck in a bad situation! But don’t worry, read below:
Here is a solution: use a VPN.

Getting a VPN

You will want to sign up for a free VPN obviously. There are many different solutions, you can use google to search for more. Right now, I am using one that has a 30-day free trial called Switch VPN. Click here to get free VPN Trial.

It will ask you to sign up, do so. It will also ask if you are part of the EU, maybe, maybe not, just say yes… 😉 Once you are signed up, and you have activated your account after receiving the email, we can start setting up the preferences on your mac.

Step one

Go to your system prefrences. Click network, and click the plus on the bottom left to add a new connection.

Step two

In Interface, click VPN. In Type, use PPTP. Click create.

Step three

Now for some more settings. For server address, type “” (without quotes).

For account name, type the account name you signed up with in the Switch VPN site. In the picture, it shows my name, because I signed up with that… Don’t use the name here 😛

Step Four

Now, click Authentication Settings. This will bring you up to a password box. Make sure the Password is checked, and type in the password you used to sign up with. Click ok when done.

Step Five

You are now set up with VPN on the settings side. You need to have port 1723 open to your computer for it to function correctly!

And there you go, no more traffic shaping, and faster upload speed using your new VPN!!

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