How to Restore Your Hair’s Vitality by Changing Shampoo

Got a bad hair day everyday? Going bald, but cringe at joining Hair Club For Men? The answer to hair hassles may be in your bathroom. Your shampoo could be harmful to your hair. Don’t worry, there’s a solution and it’s a win win choice all around.

Read the back of your shampoo bottle. You’ll see it contains stuff better left off in a lab. Dr. Frankenstein should make cruelty free shampoo, because many experiment with monstrous results. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a brainiac to learn that a near universally used shampoo ingredient is not good for hair – alcohol.

Alcohol may be why shampoo robs hair of that healthy look and bounce. It dries hair and makes it brittle. Imagine your hair needing an intervention. It’s soaking up too much alcohol – you must intervene and cut off the supply. It’s like checking your hair into rehab. Lindsay Lohan, take notice!

Alcohol free alternatives?

What’s the alternative? Alcohol free shampoo isn’t easy to find, but it’s out there. Here’s a great one: Nature’s Gate Baby Shampoo. Many health food or organic product online sites sell alcohol free shampoo. The bottom line: Alcohol is present in shampoo to get it clean, but it dries out hair, affecting look and feel.

Some claim a shampoo ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate also causes problems, even balding. This appears more rumor than fact, but it’s just another thing hair contends with when shampooed day in and out. Remember the adage less is more. It may feel counter-intuitive to how you were raised, but by reducing shampoo use, using alcohol free shampoo or doing away with it all together is the only way to see if it works for you.

I’ve cut my shampoo use significantly and my hair feels and looks much better. Using alcohol free, less shampoo, or none saves money, spares the environment more chemical gunk in our water supply and restores dry, brittle hair to an improved look within days.

Fads come and go

Fads come along, but fade away. Tech gadgets become obsolete. Vacation destinations get boring. Your hair though, is something with you for life. Of course it may not be there your whole life or looking as good as it can if you don’t take smart charge of daily maintenance.

Saving money? Environmental benefits? Healthier hair or more of it? Changing shampoo can’t guarantee your hair will look like Samantha’s vibrant mane from Sex In The City, but it can help. Break free of hair care scare like I did and rethink shampoo by changing or tossing it all together. Take a hint from the classic musical South Pacific, which is back on Broadway now in NYC. A song from the show sums it up, “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair.” Replace man with muck and do the same, but please, go easy on shampoo!

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