How to Land a Bank Loan

You can get a bank loan despite the shape of the economy. The banks are willing to lend money in order to make money off the interest. Here are five tips on how to land a bank loan. If the bank loan does not work out, we recommend that you check out direct payday lenders.

Corporate Credit Score

Your business has a credit score too. The bank will look at the credit score of the corporation too. They will want to see pretty impressive payments long term on credit accounts at various companies. If your corporation doesn’t have a long enough credit history then they usually want to see other things before they make their decision.

Personal Excellent Credit Score

You can get loans with excellent credit store. You have to have a long history of always paying your bills on time. You want to have perfect on time payments for several years on your credit report. You can not have thirty day late things on the credit report since it doesn’t look good.

Steady Income

Banks want to know that you have steady income. Residual income will help you greatly in the chances of getting approved for a bank loan. They want to know that you have enough income each month in order to be able to repay the loan back. Doctors and CPA profession are pretty secure despite the economy issues.

Enough Collateral

Banks want to know that you have enough collateral. You can put up paid off vehicles as collateral. You can put up paid off property as collateral. Some cases a bank is willing to accept a certain amount of money in a frozen bank account as collateral. Collateral gives the bank the chance to get some money if you ever default on the loan.


The bank often wants a cosigner on a loan. They usually want to see your business partner on the loan that has excellent credit. The cosigner that you decide on with a bank loan needs to be someone that you trust. You don’t want someone that will always hold the loan over your head to remind you that the only reason that you got the loan was because of them.

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