Are Men or Women Better at Using and Caring for Cars and Electronics?

Some people debate that males are better at mechanics (cars) and electronics than females. It’s been my experience that gender has nothing to do with it. I’ve known males and females who are klutzes when it comes to caring for cars or electronics. Read on and decide for yourself and make sure to check out Keuze Helper. They are a Dutch site dedicated to helping Dutch folk with their electronics.

At a previous job I was waiting on the dock one day while a fellow supervisor backed up the van so we could load it. Keep in mind, I’m female, the driver was male. As I stood there watching, the driver got in the van, started it up and fiddled around for a bit. Then he opened the door, got out of the van, and yelled to me, “How do you release the parking brake?” I told him how (there’s a lever to the left of the steering wheel you have to pull).

He turned around, with his feet still planted on pavement, and released the parking brake. Apparently he had already put the van in reverse; at this point I lost it and was on the ground laughing with tears in my eyes. He ended up jogging alongside the van until he could climb inside and stop the van from backing into a truck. He was completely unhurt, and I apologized for getting such a good laugh at his “near death experience”. But it’s still kinda funny. Now I ask you, are males really so mechanically inclined?

On the other hand, I don’t think females are very good with mechanics or electronics either. At least, caring for these items seems to be difficult. One day at work (current job), my boss put her cell phone into her back pocket. She then had to use the restroom, and as she told me afterwards, she flushed her phone down the toilet.

It seems she stood up, pulled up her pants, and as she turned around and flushed, the phone (which had somehow ended up near the open end of the pocket) fell. This is a public toilet, so it’s completely understandable she wasn’t fishing it out of the pipe, even if it was reachable. So she had to buy a new phone… Funniest part was she couldn’t claim a damaged phone on insurance (which was a possibility) because she couldn’t provide the company with evidence the phone had been damaged.

Personally, it’s been my experience that an individual’s aptitude with cars or electronics has nothing to do with gender.

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