My Favorite Video Game of All Time: The Legend of Zelda (NES)

The question of favorite video game of all time has to be a seemingly impossible one for any hardcore fan of video games. For me, it is the same way.

When there are so many games you have played throughout your life that you immensely enjoy, how can you choose just one of those games to label as the greatest EVER? Well, I suppose you have to break it down. By the way, with the popularity of ROMs taking off recently, I’d like to show you The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time ROM for free. Really fun to play!

Here are some analytical guidelines that I have established for myself to determine the greatest game of all time. You can use these too, if you find them beneficial:

  • What game have you played that is the most memorable? The game that you most often find yourself thinking about and the one that you remember the most about.
  • What game have you played that was the most innovative and fresh? A game that applied new concepts and ideas that you had never seen before instead of being dull and repetitive.
  • What game have you played that contained the least amount of flaws?
  • What game has the most replay value?
  • Which game could you play many times and still get a fun experience out of it?

When I look at my eventual selection for favorite video game of all time, it strongly reflects all of these categories. This game is none other than The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I remember buying the game at a local pawn shop when I was about 13 years old. Keep in mind that at this point in my life, I had played amazing 3D adventure games with complex controls and storylines. However, this game still blew my mind. I think as far as adventure games go, it is the only perfect adventure game ever created.

Let’s address the four guidelines I gave and how they apply to The Legend of Zelda

Memorable: How can you forget getting the White Sword? Or fighting Dodongo? Or “Eastmost peninsula is the secret”?

Innovativeness: The first free roam, non-linear adventure game. Nothing else to be said.

Flaws: Find me a flaw. I dare you.

Replay value: Unlike most adventure games, I can play Zelda over and over. It never gets old. This was the final deciding factor.

Long live Zelda!

How to Restore Your Hair’s Vitality by Changing Shampoo

Got a bad hair day everyday? Going bald, but cringe at joining Hair Club For Men? The answer to hair hassles may be in your bathroom. Your shampoo could be harmful to your hair. Don’t worry, there’s a solution and it’s a win win choice all around.

Read the back of your shampoo bottle. You’ll see it contains stuff better left off in a lab. Dr. Frankenstein should make cruelty free shampoo, because many experiment with monstrous results. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a brainiac to learn that a near universally used shampoo ingredient is not good for hair – alcohol.

Alcohol may be why shampoo robs hair of that healthy look and bounce. It dries hair and makes it brittle. Imagine your hair needing an intervention. It’s soaking up too much alcohol – you must intervene and cut off the supply. It’s like checking your hair into rehab. Lindsay Lohan, take notice!

Alcohol free alternatives?

What’s the alternative? Alcohol free shampoo isn’t easy to find, but it’s out there. Here’s a great one: Nature’s Gate Baby Shampoo. Many health food or organic product online sites sell alcohol free shampoo. The bottom line: Alcohol is present in shampoo to get it clean, but it dries out hair, affecting look and feel.

Some claim a shampoo ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate also causes problems, even balding. This appears more rumor than fact, but it’s just another thing hair contends with when shampooed day in and out. Remember the adage less is more. It may feel counter-intuitive to how you were raised, but by reducing shampoo use, using alcohol free shampoo or doing away with it all together is the only way to see if it works for you.

I’ve cut my shampoo use significantly and my hair feels and looks much better. Using alcohol free, less shampoo, or none saves money, spares the environment more chemical gunk in our water supply and restores dry, brittle hair to an improved look within days.

Fads come and go

Fads come along, but fade away. Tech gadgets become obsolete. Vacation destinations get boring. Your hair though, is something with you for life. Of course it may not be there your whole life or looking as good as it can if you don’t take smart charge of daily maintenance.

Saving money? Environmental benefits? Healthier hair or more of it? Changing shampoo can’t guarantee your hair will look like Samantha’s vibrant mane from Sex In The City, but it can help. Break free of hair care scare like I did and rethink shampoo by changing or tossing it all together. Take a hint from the classic musical South Pacific, which is back on Broadway now in NYC. A song from the show sums it up, “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair.” Replace man with muck and do the same, but please, go easy on shampoo!

Buying a Used Car Considerations

Every year, especially with the economy being so bad, consumers are turning to purchasing of used vehicles instead of new ones. A used car can be bought for less money than a new car and may already come with whatever amenities you were hoping to have in the vehicle you buy. The most important thing you should consider before you purchase a used car is how you will be protected should you choose to purchase a car that someone else has previously owned.

Before you even start, do this

Before you even start looking at the huge number of vehicles that there are on the market today, you should first consider finding out about the different models and what options are usually available to a car like this, you will want to do your research to ensure that when you buy the car you are getting the best deal imaginable. Be sure to consider in your search what the car is worth and what you will actually have to spend. You can check out different car websites or go to your local library to find this information. In addition, check out the safety statistics of this particular car so that you ensure the safety of your passengers and yourself.

After you have chosen some models that you are interested in the next thing you should do is to consider how much this car will cost you. This means how much will the car cost if you pay cash and how much the car will cost if you take out a car loan factoring in the time you will be paying on the loan and how much interest you will be required to pay. Many times you can get a schedule of how much your payment will be and if you paid in that particular manner you will see exactly how much money you will have paid in interest. Usually cars don’t have prepayment penalties but check anyway so that if you can, you may pay your used car off early.

Is the person you’re buying from reliable?

The next thing you will need to consider when dealing with buying a used car is to find out how reliable this car has been for the person who had it before you, you can do this a number of ways. You can ask the previous owner, if you are buying it from the original buyer, they may tell you some insight about how it drove, the number of miles and how the car functioned in harsh weather conditions. Driving experts in the UK are incredible for this as they will normally give you some other great pointers should you contact them. We recommend Andy1st. Another way to get this information is by looking at repair records kept by the previous owner; you can also see how well the vehicle was maintained and have an idea of what in your future used car is still under warranty.

Another thing you will need to consider when buying a used car is who you are buying it from. Some people will buy a used car from the owner, unless you know this person you will need to do some checking up on this seller to ensure that he is a honest person who would not take advantage of you and ensure that everything he or she claims about the car is put in writing to protect yourself. If you are buying from a dealer, you will need to check out the reputation of that company, you need to ensure that they are known for selling high quality cars and that they are willing to fix minor details should they arise once you have bought the car. Also be sure that they offer you a warranty that covers everything so that you can have things fixed during your first few months of ownership.

By taking care of these things and doing your research you will be able to protect yourself from buying a car that is going to give you more headaches than value and you will ensure that you are getting the best possible deal on your used car.

How to Land a Bank Loan

You can get a bank loan despite the shape of the economy. The banks are willing to lend money in order to make money off the interest. Here are five tips on how to land a bank loan. If the bank loan does not work out, we recommend that you check out direct payday lenders.

Corporate Credit Score

Your business has a credit score too. The bank will look at the credit score of the corporation too. They will want to see pretty impressive payments long term on credit accounts at various companies. If your corporation doesn’t have a long enough credit history then they usually want to see other things before they make their decision.

Personal Excellent Credit Score

You can get loans with excellent credit store. You have to have a long history of always paying your bills on time. You want to have perfect on time payments for several years on your credit report. You can not have thirty day late things on the credit report since it doesn’t look good.

Steady Income

Banks want to know that you have steady income. Residual income will help you greatly in the chances of getting approved for a bank loan. They want to know that you have enough income each month in order to be able to repay the loan back. Doctors and CPA profession are pretty secure despite the economy issues.

Enough Collateral

Banks want to know that you have enough collateral. You can put up paid off vehicles as collateral. You can put up paid off property as collateral. Some cases a bank is willing to accept a certain amount of money in a frozen bank account as collateral. Collateral gives the bank the chance to get some money if you ever default on the loan.


The bank often wants a cosigner on a loan. They usually want to see your business partner on the loan that has excellent credit. The cosigner that you decide on with a bank loan needs to be someone that you trust. You don’t want someone that will always hold the loan over your head to remind you that the only reason that you got the loan was because of them.

Listener’s Guide to Music: Why Did Beethoven’s C Sound like Our B?

Every musical pitch has its own standardized rate of vibration. However, that uniformity has not always existed. Beethoven, for example, would be shocked to hear his music played with today’s pitches.

Quick briefing on musical history

Actually, throughout most of music history, written notes did not stand for exact, or “absolute,” pitches. Written notes simply indicated relationships between each other. Performers would select a pitch level at the beginning of a composition and then perform the rest of the notes relative to that starting point.

Later, musicians tried to establish absolute pitches, but there was much disagreement and confusion. For example, during the baroque period (c. 1600 to c. 1750), different pitch levels were used depending on the purpose of the music: low pitch levels for church music (choir and organ), higher levels for domestic instrumental music, and even higher levels for brass music played by town musicians. However, the absolute pitch of these pitch levels varied with the time and place.

The next hundred years

For the next hundred years, even after the baroque gave way to the classical and early romantic periods, absolute pitch continued to vary. Finally, in 1859 the Paris Academy fixed the standard of pitch at A (above middle C) = 435 cycles (complete vibrations, or back-and-forth movements) per second. From that pitch, others were obtained by mathematical formulas. In 1885 that standard was confirmed under the term “international pitch” at a conference in Vienna, Austria. In 1939 another international conference, in London, England, raised the standard to A (above middle C) = 440 cycles per second, where it remains today.

Beethoven (1770-1827) lived during the period of variable absolute pitches. However, in his time and place, Austria, the standard instrumental pitch, though variable, was consistently about a semitone (half-tone, half step) below our modern standard. For example, a Mozart tuning fork dated 1780 was tuned at A (above middle C) = 422 cycles per second, approximately a semitone lower than today. Therefore, works of that period sounded about a semitone lower than they do when performed at the present standard of pitch.

Imagine going back to Beethoven’s time and listening to a performance of his famous Fifth Symphony in C minor. To our ears, Beethoven’s C would sound more like B. And if Beethoven could hear a modern performance, he would cringe listening to his symphony in what would probably sound to him like an out-of-tune C-sharp.

Source: Music Guides Hub

How to Make a Workplace Grooming Kit

For most people, personal grooming stops the moment we head out the door for work in the morning. Considering that in the course of a typical eight-hour workday we may be in close physical proximity to customers, clients, and supervisors, it is important to look your best at all times. This article will show you how to assemble a small-but-mighty grooming kit that you can keep inside your desk, purse, or locker while at work.

First, let’s look at personal hygiene products. Since very few of us bring our toothbrushes and toothpaste to work to use after lunch or coffee breaks, it will be necessary to freshen the breath. Forget about mints and Tic-Tacs, since the results wear off quickly. Instead, try Scope Cool Peppermint Breath Drops for long-lasting fresh breath. Best of all, these drops come in a tiny 1/8 ounce size, making them perfect for your grooming kit.

We’ve all done this before: Halfway to work you realize you forgot to put on deodorant because you were in a rush. No need to worry, since you’ll have a personal grooming kit waiting for you at work. But it can be quite embarrassing swabbing your underarms with a full-size deodorant stick in front of your co-workers, so it helps to be discreet. Use Naturally Fresh Mini Spray, a handy tool for eliminating body odor, pet odors, and smoke odors. Because this spray weighs in at under an ounce, it is a true space-saver in your grooming kit.

Tweezers and nail clippers should also be part of your workplace grooming kit, in order to pluck the occasional stray hair or trim a long nail. Miniature versions of these tools can be found in the beauty aisle of most retail stores.

Now let’s look at hair care products. Most salons sell travel-size beauty products which range in size from one to four ounces, making them perfect for a workplace grooming kit. Keep hair in place on a windy day with Sebastian Shaper Plus, a great hairspray available in a 1.5-ounce travel size. At 0.75 ounces, Redken’s Rewind Styling Paste is perfect for men or for women with short hair. For beards, we recommend that you check out Primitive Outpost.

A long workday can wreak havoc on a woman’s makeup application, especially on hot and humid summer days. Keep your makeup from smudging by using Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Setting Spray, guaranteed to keep makeup from smudging, smearing, or running for up to 16 hours. At only 4 ounces, this product won’t take up much space in your workplace grooming kit.

There you have it, a full spectrum of products for your hair, nails, makeup and personal hygiene that can all fit inside your coffee cup. This grooming kit can fit easily inside a desk drawer, a jacket pocket, or any other convenient spot in your workplace.

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