Minecraft Explained

I’m quite sure that you’ve heard of Minecraft. It’s a indie sandbox game that grew from nothing to an internet phenomenon that soon sold millions around the world. Minecraft is the new craze of Gaming. It’s the simple idea of building blocks to story-less survival. The genius idea has received praise from it’s critics and it’s players.

Minecraft is a first person sandbox/building game created by a Swedish indie game developer, Markus Persson aka Notch. Minecraft is usually described as Lego-alike video game. Usually, you start off with a guy in some quite large or small island. Your goal is to build and survive. Basically, You gather cube shaped materials or blocks and use them to build whatever you want. You can go beyond your imagination of creativity. Build a castle. Build a city. Turn it into an Empire. It’s extremely simple, yet addictive.

The clear purpose of Minecraft is fun gameplay. What I liked about it is the creativity tool and the survival system. Punch some wood, create a pickaxe, and mine your way through. Then go build a house, a nice looking one. Fight against monsters, or at least survive, at night. It goes on, and it’s fun.

On the other hand, I disliked optimization in Minecraft. It was really slow for even decent computers. The health system is also what I disliked about it. It has a constant hit, which depends on the weapon you use, which makes it less exciting.

My conclusion to Minecraft is that it’s a great game, extremely fun and addicting. It’s probably one of the best games out there, just don’t get too addicted, else you won’t be as productive at times. If you are looking for Minecraft server hosting then check out that link!

Six Keys to Effective Website Content

Is your business website a winner or a loser? If it’s a winner, you probably already know why. But if it’s a loser, you might be in the dark about why it’s not the killer marketing tool you were hoping for. Poor content is often the culprit.

Website content suffers from six common problems, which I explain below. But I also give you some specific keys for overcoming these familiar pitfalls. By following my advice, you can turn your website into a winner and get a good return on your investment.

PROBLEM # 1: Stale Content

Outdated Content writers can destroy your website’s credibility. A website goes stale quickly. If your latest press release is dated 2002, readers will be suspicious of everything on your site. And have you checked your external links lately? Without careful maintenance, “link rot” may set in – outdated links that go nowhere. Because the Web is the land of lightning-speed interactivity, people expect up-to-date information and quick responses. But way too often, content grows stale and interaction – answering emails, specifically — happens late or not at all. Frustration soon follows, and visitors never return to your site.

KEY #1: Schedule the Maintenance

First, schedule routine updates to make sure the content is still accurate, and cross-compare every page in your site for consistency in facts, message and tone.

If your site doesn’t tout your latest advances and features, where is your edge? Top-notch sites highlight fresh content, because it brings visitors back and instills confidence in your entire website, and in turn the organization behind it. After you’ve created a schedule for periodic updates, why not emulate the best by creating a “What’s New” section? It gives people a reason to return more often.

PROBLEM #2: Weak Content

Poor content drives people away. No one wants to spend time on a site where all they read is “mission statement” babble or hard-sell advertising. Does the text of your website convey your business message with accuracy? Is it compelling? A Forrester Research survey revealed that 75% of respondents rated the quality of web content as “poor.” Given that statistic, a little effort will go a long way in putting your site at the forefront.

KEY #2: Focus on Informative Content

Chances are, people come to your website searching for some free information or they have a problem at hand. Focus on the benefits of your product or service by providing needed information or even education. That way, your website will earn a reputation as source for useful knowledge – and your expertise will shine through. People are drawn to use businesses that are leaders in their field.

PROBLEM #3: Not Catering to Online Readers

Cater to readers who skim and scan. On the Web, time and attention are in very limited supply. One study by usability guru Jakob Nielsen showed that 79% of online readers always scanned pages, and only 16% read word by word. Another of Nielsen’s discoveries is that people read 25% slower online, so they want to do as little reading as possible. Does your site contain long paragraphs of text that look burdensome to read? Did you cut costs by just pasting your existing brochure into a web page?

KEY #3: Give On-Line Readers What Works for Them

Online readers are impatient. The Web is an information superhighway, and most travelers are speeding down it. Clear “road signs” are crucial and you must exploit all types of signage, no matter how minor they seem. For example, maximize the use headings and subheadings so your readers can zero in quickly on key words. Make sure that different font sizes give clues to the importance of the content.

Because it’s harder to read online, writing styles and formats must be different from those used in print media. Keep sentences and paragraphs short. In fact, traditional paragraphs should be converted to bulleted lists, because they work better for skimming readers. Based on a quick glance, would you be more drawn to read paragraph (A) or (B)?

We offer a full range of pet care services at just one location, from professional grooming, to vaccinations and medical examinations, to training classes at every level of obedience.

One Stop for Everything!

  • Professional Grooming
  • Vaccinations amp; Medical Exams
  • Obedience Classes at All Levels

PROBLEM #4: Not Driving Readers to Act

Inertia is the enemy. Some websites are just a static series of billboards – they display pages of information, but go no further to maximize business. Those sites ignore three fundamental goals of e-commerce:

1. Attract the maximum number of qualified prospects
2. Convert prospects into clients
3. Convert clients into repeat clients

KEY #4: Drive the Reader Forward

Attracting and converting readers means moving them to act. Readers begin in passive mode at your home page. Launch them into active mode with strategically placed links and buttons. O n your home page and at bottom of each page, ask yourself, “What action do I want to drive the reader toward? And what can I tell him that will get him to perform that action?”

Decide exactly where you want to push the reader next. Toward making an appointment? Toward buying from your catalog? These questions should cause you to think about the ultimate goal of having a website in the first place. What goal are you really striving for? If reaching that goal requires several steps on the part of your visitor, make a list of all the steps and create drivers at the bottom of each page in the sequence.

PROBLEM #5: Not Targeting Customer’s Needs

Stand in the customer’s shoes. Have you specifically identified your target customer? A poor website follows your agenda rather than the customer’s. A formal tone is not necessarily ideal for all situations. Here’s an example of the kind of corporate-speak that’s rampant on corporate home pages:

“At Acme Company, we endeavor to become a leading contributor to a more sustainable world. Corporate citizenship focuses on who we are as a company, what we offer in the marketplace, and how we conduct our business. We aspire to be one of the most respected companies in the world.”

Statements like these are not effective, because they don’t speak to the reader’s needs.

KEY #5: Do a Detailed Audience Analysis

You need to profile your target customers and anticipate their needs and questions. What are they looking for? What tone of voice will speak to them most directly? Are they going to be skeptical of corporate jargon?

Let’s see how Acme Company could adopt a tone that speaks more plainly to a person needing to know about the company’s commitment to sustainability:

“At Acme Company, every employee receives a full day of training on our Sustainable Earth policies. This isn’t just paying lip service to sustainability – it’s a big part of our corporate culture. We are aware of the impact we have on the planet, and this awareness shapes how we do business in hundreds of local environments.”

PROBLEM #6: Impersonal Tone

Anonymity is not the goal. No one likes dealing with a faceless company. With a medium as interactive and personal as the Web, content that’s mainly corporate-speak will bore your visitors and keep them passive. Is there anything duller than text that sounds robot-generated?

KEY #6: Reveal Yourself

The Web is a very personal, one-on-one medium, so take advantage of the connections you can make. Your style and approach should show that a real human being is behind the words. Turn up the warmth by offering opportunities to contact you. Reveal names. If your company is small, add biographies and photos of your staff.

Customer Service is more successful with a human touch, too. When answering emails, staff should sign their own names (not the company’s).

And do you have a Feedback page on your website? Ask for feedback, and when people provide it, thank them!

Poker Party Foods That Please

Hosting Poker Night at your home could be a trying experience. What beverages should I make available? Which snacks do I provide? Do they really like my preselected poker party foods or is it just their poker face? Well if no one is diving into the snack bowls there are a few quick fixes. The following poker party food ideas are sure to be a winning hand, provided by Poker99.

When preparing for your poker night keep in mind your senses. First on the list is smell. When first walking into your home, you want your guests’ noses to prepare their taste buds. An aromatic taste of something mouth watering is the most important. Eye appeal is the second most important sense. Seeing a mound of colorful food combined with smell makes the yearning for a taste that much more unbearable. From the time your guests walk through the door and to the table they are going to want to pick up your party poker foods and eat. An important poker party food idea is not to make your snacks messy. Messy hands make messy cards and poker chips. The last sense is taste. It has to taste good. It could smell good and look good, but if your party poker foods do not taste good you are doomed. So what should you make?

The more traditional foods

The traditional chips and dip are a good poker food idea to start. A premade submarine sandwich is quick and easy and always pleasing, but what will make your poker party stand out? I personally use what I call the Variety Plate. The Variety Plate is a mixture of small finger foods such as piggies in a blanket, grilled cheese cut in small triangles, potato filled pastry puffs, small quesadillas filled with cheese, chicken, and steak and assorted non-powdered coated donuts. The Variety Plate offers quick and easy preparation as well as clean up. Poker patrons have proven this dish to be popular at my poker parties. If you have a poker party food idea of your own to add to or replace something on the Variety Plate go ahead, be creative.

With a little imagination your poker foods can be a success. By using these poker party food ideas you can be sure that there will be little leftovers. Using the tips in this article will ensure your poker party will be easy to put together, less work during the game and easy to clean up. What are you waiting for? Start making plans for your own poker party!

Choices in Recession: Broadband Internet or Television

The recession is forcing people to make difficult choices. If a person has to choose between Usavebroadband Internet access or television, what would be the bases for the decision if the costs are nearly equal.

Television gives a range of 24/7 news, movies, optional channels for viewing a variety of events, and specialized educational channels. It can allow the viewer to make a number of choices for recreational or educational viewing. What it doesn’t have is the interactive capability that is found with computer use.

Are computers the way to go?

Computers these days have free channels for television shows, like Joost, although many of them are reruns or limited in scope. Some of the channels are educational and come from television channels that are specific to education. Channels also cover news and may come directly from news stations across the country. So if you’re looking for 24/7, up-to-date news as well as entertainment, then the Internet provides it. Dial-up Internet is so slow that watching films is next to impossible, so high speed connections are important.

Broadband Internet also gives the viewer the interaction capability. There are a number of places where an individual can play games with others. There are also a vast number of sites where folks can dialogue with one another about the affairs of the day. Television doesn’t have this capability, which makes the Internet more appealing for those who want to make friends, give opinions or just learn through comments made by others.

The creative appeal of the internet

The creative potential of the Internet has broad appeal as well. The user can go beyond the programs and applications resident on a computer and find information and resources that can allow creativity at a wide range for free.

These days those on a budget have to make difficult choices, and the communication capabilities of high-speed Internet means less waiting for messages from email. If an individual is on the road, that email can be picked up by Web-based mail in a flash. Here is a place to sign up for that.

Sometimes it pays to look at all aspects of computer high speed vs television before making a definite decision. The issues cited in this article may prove a foundation for those who have to make a choice between the computer high speed and regular television. But it’s a decision that more and more people will likely have to make as the recession continues to deepen. One authority maintains that the choice right now of which way people will go is unknown but states that a lot of individuals are going to have to make that choice, so it pays to look at and compare the pros and cons of each before making a decision that one might regret.

How to Rig a Temporary Gate

A wooden gate can rot apart and a metal gate can collapse or bend. For a speedy temporary gate all it takes is a few items from Grogan Timber Products to rig one up.

With a flowerbed or small garden fence or cage wire you can have the gate part. You may need a couple of the flowerbed or small garden fences to build the gate up high enough to be a suitable gate or you might have to have two pieces of cage wire, one to rest a few links in on top of the other. Besides building a gate up you might have to purchase additional pieces of the flowerbed, garden fence or cage wires if the gate area is wider than what is being used. You would then need to attach the pieces together at the sides and upward if necessary.

To attach the gate part to the poles you can use three dog collars or three bicycle chains with locks. Secure a dog collar around a pole and through an opening or hole on the fence or wire on the upper part of one side and then fasten it. Do the same for the lower part of the pole on the same side.

With the third dog collar run it around a pole on the opposite side somewhere in the middle and then lock it. You can buy a lock to lock the collar in place. If you want to lock down both sides of the gate you might choose to purchase an additional lock to lock one of the dog collars on the opposite side.

Do the same with the bicycle chains each time locking them closed. Remember to purchase additional dog collars amp; locks or bicycle chain locks if you have a wide gate area that needs additional flowerbed, garden fence or the cage wires. The side that has the lone dog collar or bicycle chain lock is the side to open when you want to go in or out.

Opening and closing the gate will feel a little flimsy and a plastic flowerbed or small-garden fence won’t be very strong.

While this may not be the best choice for a gate it can be a good way to establish a temporary closure until the time comes to put up a better, sturdier and solid grounded gate. Plus it can help to keep unwanted dogs and cats out and later when it is taken down the pieces can be separated and used elsewhere.

Florida Will Begin Drug-Testing Welfare’s New Applicants and Existing Recipients: Good Idea or Unconstitutional?

A friend of mine makes a case to endorse drug-testing of welfare recipients by pointing out that it is not unconstitutional that new applicants and existing recipients of social services be drug-tested, since the rest of us that work have to be drug-tested to obtain our jobs most of the time. She says, “Let’s get Welfare back to the ones who NEED it, not those that just WANT it!”

According to an article posted, “more than 21,000 Floridians receiving benefits as heads of households will have to pay for and take the drug tests, as well as any new applicants. If they pass the drug test, they will be reimbursed for the cost. If they fail the drug test, they become ineligible to receive benefits for one year or until successfully completing drug treatment”.

Social services explained

While many may actually need social services due to hardship, people have taken advantage of the welfare system since the 1930s after the great depression hit. While I empathize with and understand my friend’s stance regarding drug-testing for social services, we must consider the long-term effects of this move.

If more states adopt this screening method, we may soon have a bunch of drug-addicted people (with kids) and no means of financial survival. Perhaps they are wrong, but the fact is that they are dysfunctional, whether psychologists call it an illness or laypersons call it stupidity, drug-addiction adds to deeper dysfunction and social ills that transcend even poverty. While taxpayers should not bear the brunt of neither laziness or addiction, in one way or the other, they will.

If more states adopt this drug-testing program, there is going to be an onslaught of children in foster care (at several thousand taxpayer dollars per month) or children being severely neglected or abused. These children of dysfunctional parents may become the financial and physical burden of aging grandparents and already financially-strapped relatives.

What about the drug addicts?

These newly “un-welfared”, drug-addicted zombies will now be running around wreaking havoc, committing crimes and thereby burdening law enforcement. They may end up in hospitals as charity cases and possibly filling already over-filled jails. This will create other channels to funnel away taxpayer’s money. It seems like a no-win situation.

The U.S. is great for coming up with solutions without long-term planning and now Florida thinks they have a solution to a problem that has burdened the U.S. and taxpayers for eighty years. Have they considered the long-term implications on society when these people, now kicked off the welfare rolls and drug-addicted, are unleashed in the backyards of the working class?

I don’t want them squatting in my backyard or waiting to knock me in the head when I come out of the ATM machine, but I also do not feel that my tax money should feed their addictions. Whose problem are they really? We can say that they are not our problem and we can turn our backs, but then what?

Welfare abuse explained

The welfare abuse problem is much more complicated than just drug-testing and what will be done about alcohol abusers who leach off the system? How will they be screened? Isn’t alcoholism an illness like drug addiction?

I live in a nice, peaceful suburban community, but it just happens to be a few miles away from a largely blighted urban area that has become a drug-hub full of welfare recipients? I worked hard to educate myself and worked for everything I have and I’ve lived in such a blighted area myself and escaped the best way I could, though diligence, hard work and stamina.

Final thoughts on the solution

This solution for alleviating welfare abuse also does not address the issue of those that are leaching and are not drug-addicted. I am not trying to be mean, but what about all the immigrants draining the system who came to the United States for the sole purpose of riding the social services train.

The year 1993 saw 3.8 million mothers between the ages of fifteen to forty-five receiving welfare benefits in the form of AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children). This constituted 9.7 million children. In this year, there were also men, couples and women outside of the fifteen to forty-five age range, so now add on another 0.8 million people. That’s about 10 million people dependent on AFDC.

Florida Governor Rick Scott contends that the law provides “personal accountability”, but is that realistic for people who can’t account for themselves or anything at all really?

Will We Ever Be Able to Tell when Someone Lying Online?

Almost every one tells a lie here and there. Whether it is, bull face lies or a little white lies. I would think even more so on the internet. At several Universities, researchers are trying to develop a lie detector test that detects lies in online communications, such as instant messages, e-mail, and chat rooms.

Considering most companies use the internet to conduct business. Including the Government. Not to mention the “social networking” sites, like Myspace. And, you know there is a lot of lying going on at Myspace there is a need from some kind of internet lie detector.

Regular lie detectors look at physiological signs for anxiety- racing pulse-sweat- which is not possible for an online system. Therefore, the online system they are developing only examines words. Enter stage left.

Jeff Handcock, an assistant professor of communication of computing and information science at Cornell University, recently got a $680,000 dollar grant to study “Digital Deception” as researchers call it. Handcock says the evidence that the language of a dishonest message is different from that of an honest one.

A study on this matter found that “deceptive” e-mails had more words, on average 28 percent more. Using a higher percentage of negative words then one of a truthful nature. To me that just sounds like common sense. Lying is usually a negative thing, of course there would be more of them when you are lying.

Also, a liar tends to stay away from first-person references (like “I”) using more third-person references (such as “she” and “they”) A subconscious way of distancing themselves from the lie. This also makes a lot of sense. Once people know what they are looking for in a lying e-mail, don’t you think that it would not work any more? Like the regular lie detectors, it probably will not be able to be used as evidences in court. Do to the chance that it can be beat.

Handcock and his colleagues noticed the people being lied to seem to have their own distinctive language patterns. Often using shorter sentences and asking more questions. Most people can tell when they are being lied to; Handcock calls it a subconscious suspicion. I think I depends on who is lying to you. When you know the person well you are more likely to know their tells when they are lying, in person, on the phone and writing.

For someone you do not know it is more of a gut feeling you go by. But that goes out the window when the liar knows what you are looking for. Researchers at Cornell University are only working with the kind of lies told by students and faculty. It is unknown how effective this could be on “big” lies such as scams.

So all you scammers can breath again the “Digital Deception Detector” is years away from catching you.

Using a Keyboard on Xbox One Fortnite

The Battle Royale Shooter games like Fortnite are a massive success all over the world. Long before Halo and GoldenEye hit the home console scene, computer users were using their keyboards and mice to play their FPS games. What many home console, such as Microsoft’s Xbox One or Sony’s PlayStation 4, users don’t realize is that a keyboard and mouse greatly increase your accuracy when playing these types of games. Combine this with free V bucks and you’re on the way to victory.

Enter the XFPS 460, an Xbox One add-on that will allow you to use a keyboard and mouse when playing games on your Xbox One. They also have similar solutions for PlayStation 4 users. The many versions of the XFPS 460 can be purchased at their website.

Once you have your XFPS 460, the setup process is quick and easy. First, plug the XFPS 460 into one of the USB ports on your Xbox One, preferably one of the front ports for ease of access. Now, plug a wired Xbox One controller into another USB port on the console and turn the Xbox One on. The wired controller is needed so that the Xbox One will initially recognize the XFPS 460, but doesn’t need to remain connected once the setup is complete.

To map Xbox One controller buttons to your keyboard or mouse, move the “default/set” switch on the XFPS 460 to “set.” Press the “P” button on the XFPS 460 and when the “Program LED” light on the XFPS 460 turns on, press the button on the Xbox One controller you wish to map to a keyboard button. When the “Program LED” light on the XFPS 460 begins to blink, press the key on the keyboard or mouse button you wish to use as an equivalent to the Xbox One controller button. Repeat this process until all of the controller buttons are mapped.

Autofire can be activated for any buttons as well. This is done by moving the turbo switch on the XFPS 460 for the corresponding button to the “on” position. Keep in mind that many gamers on Xbox Live won’t play with people using autofire, so you may get booted.

When using this setup, keep in mind that the keyboard/mouse configuration is perfect for FPS games, it won’t work well with some other game types; experiment to see what works best for you.

Tips on Traveling to Places with Diverse Weather

Traveling to different locations may require you to have ample preparation—hotel reservations, airline bookings, bag packing and many more. What people don’t realize is that climate changes must also be equipped for. This is because not every part of the world has the same weather in a particular time. It’s important to make sure that you’re going because you want to. A lot of people want to cross off as many countries and continents as soon as possible, but we recommend only pushing the pins on your push pin travel map for countries that you truly want to visit. This will ensure that you have the best time imaginable.

Here are some tips to gear you up in journeying to diverse climates:

Stereotyping a particular location with its identified, usual climate is definitely a bad idea. If you’re going to a tropical country, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring raincoats. It is better to be equipped than be surprised in the middle of your trip. Do your research and planning beforehand so you would avoid any nuisance.

For starters, have a concrete plan for the time of your travel. If you decide to do it in April, check out the spots with a reputably good climate for that month. Therefore, if you are looking for some scorching hot summer then avoid places where the climate may be different so as not to spoil your original plan. Do these simple researches so you’ll determine the perfect destination with your type of weather.

If you’ve already made travel arrangements with your agency, then start the actual preparation for your trip—keeping in mind your climate researches about your destination. Her are some must-haves for whatever climate you are about to withstand:

  • Warm/Hot – umbrella to shield you from the sun; sunglasses, sun block lotion, hats, towels, possible tanning sessions in salons to prevent severe skin burning.
  • Cold/Snowing – wool socks, sweaters, ear plugs, mittens, scarf, coats, multiple jackets for layering according to your preference.
  • Wet – umbrella, boots, rain coats, sweat shirts.

Before your actual departure, check again for any weather changes in your destination so you can make the necessary adjustments in your luggage contents.

To make sure that you’re going to be prepared for whatever climate, bring some items for all the different weathers. This is especially important to those travelling to places with diverse altitudes. Higher altitudes tend to be chilly even if you’re visiting a summer-seasoned place.

Also, take into consideration the local climate as regard to their customs. Even if the Middle East is a hot spot, you still need to dress with appropriate cover-up so you can walk in their streets without getting attention from police officers. They have a conservative dress code which may go against the hot weather but it’s their tradition; as a guest, you need to comply with it.

To sum it up, the basic point to remember here is to have some advance planning and researching. This can really aid you in having a smooth-sailing and enjoyable trip in a foreign land. If you are more of a risky type, then adapt once you arrive in your destination; but if you are like most of the common traveler who would want to be equipped as much as possible, then follow the tips above and be prepared. Happy Trip!

The Top 3 Things a Woman Needs in Her Purse

Each day, women are bombarded with style guides, rules of what not to wear all while trying to balance life as a mother, single woman, employee, daughter and girlfriend or wife. With so much information pulling them in various directions, it’s no wonder the “trying to have it all syndrome” is finally catching up.

Relax, take a deep breathe and know that we know your struggles–and that’s why we’re going to take it easy on you and simplify things a bit. We understand the craziness in your days and unfortunately not every one has the luxury of a styling team following them around–making their every make-up, hair and wardrobe decision. So we slimmed down the “must-haves” and complied the top 3 things a woman needs in her purse–on a daily basis. Don’t worry, it’s painless…and there’s no quiz to take either.

1. Compact

Maintaining an good image is vital in today’s society–it’s no wonder that a smudge of lipstick running across your cheek, a single lettuce leaf that decided to stick around your front tooth after a demanding power-lunch or a bad blend-job on your eyeshadow could make you appear as sloppy.

No one wants to be known as “sloppy Sue” in the office so whether you’re running from meeting to meeting, riding the subway across town or dropping the kids off at daycare, a trusted compact could save you the embarrassment of stares, looks and judgment. Popping a compact in your purse should come natural; you don’t need to spend a lot on one–but if you do, it’s okay to splurge, after all, you deserve it.

2. Lipstick

Consider it your best defense because ladies, you are going to war, every time you walk out the door. No matter what type of day you have planned, the right shade of lipstick will give you an instant lift; polish off your look and makes things a little more cohesive. Not only will it give you a little boost, it refreshes your appearance. Who here isn’t interested in that?

3. Breath Mints

Whether you’re a tea drinker, a smoker, or a coffee passionista at morning, noon or night, having bad breath will cost you more than the price of purchasing them–and if you’re doing any of the mentioned acts–bottom line–you need breath mints.

You’ll encounter an array of people throughout your day and these run-ins could turn out to be potential clients, friends, or future significant others. You want to be prepared and ready for who ever you meet because you’re that great–and won’t it be icing on the cake when they remember you as the one with amazing breath; cease the moment, cease the day, cease a box of Altoids–the opportunities are endless.

Article courtesy of: https://www.luxtime.su/ysl-bags.

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