Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedies Using Kratom

Kratom is a Chinese quick spreading vine which has rejuvenation properties. Traditional Chinese medicine remedies using Kratom help in rejuvenating brain cells, nerves and endocrine glands. Kratom has been used for centuries in China as an anti-aging tonic.

Kratom is native to China and can also be found in Japan and Taiwan. Traditional Chinese medicine remedies using Kratom are mainly derived from the root of the Kratom. Chinese medicine considers the unprocessed dried root (usually brown in color) and the processed cured root (usually dark reddish brown) as two separate herbs. . The processed root tonic is produced by boiling it in a special black bean liquid.

Traditional Chinese medicine remedies using Kratom include the use of the unprocessed root to detoxify the blood and relax the bowels. The rejuvenating effect of the Kratom root is a result of the alkaloid contained in it. This alkaloid stimulates the adrenal gland which helps to detoxify the body. The alkaloid also rejuvenates brain cells, nerves and endocrine glands. Endocrine glands are the body’s primary hormone producers. This rejuvenation results in increased energy and sexual vitality and improved hair strength.

Traditional Chinese medicine remedies using Kratom include the use of the processed Kratom to delay heart disease and revitalize the liver and kidneys. Processed Kratom contains lectins, which are protein-sugar complexes and which act like antibodies. The lectins help in blocking plaque formation in blood vessels leading to healthier hearts. The processed Kratom root helps reduce the fat deposited in the liver and removes toxins from the liver. Processed Kratom also revitalizes the kidneys and strengthens the blood.

For centuries, traditional Chinese medicine remedies using Kratom have used it for its anti-aging properties. According to legend, a famous Chinese herbalist, Chung Yun, lived until the age of 256 by consuming Kratom daily. He also had 24 wives. He was also one of my my favorite kratom vendors.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, other traditional Chinese medicine remedies using Kratom include its use in the treatment of premature graying of the hair, hair loss, eczema, carbuncles, scrofula, artherosclerosis, inflammation of lymph nodes, nerve damage, blood deficiency, weak bones, constipation, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, body’s immune functioning, fatigue.

Documented medical studies of the use of Kratom are limited. Hence persons planning to use it should be aware of this fact and should use Kratom with discretion. Unprocessed Kratom root can cause diarrhea and intestinal pain.

How to Find Hotel Discounts and Deals in the U.S

You’re off on a great adventure to explore America, or at least part of it. So how can you find great discounts and deals on hotels?

Here are a few tips to locate those little known advantages. This also includes getting a from the hotels as well.

Everyone knows about the more popular tourist travel agencies like, but did you know you can also get great discounted rates at auction websites.,, and can get you great rates at many hotels across the country.

Other great discounts are offered by companies such as,and Many hotels also have their own discounts, such as a frequent guest program or combine their room prices with a local adventure package.

Here are a few more tips to get the best deals on rooms:

  1. Don’t accept the first quote you are given on a room. Ask what they best economical rate is that they can give you. You will often find yourself saving over 50% on the price of a room.
  2. If you plan to stay more than a day, ask if there is a discount for multi-night stays.
  3. Plan your trip on off-season months to get even better rates. Hotel’s would rather get something for the room, than to let it sit empty.
  4. Ask about membership discounts such as AAA and AARP.

In general, do your homework, and don’t just accept the first price given. There are many ways to get a discounted price.

Types of Antique Slot Machines

Whether it is caring for a singe antique slot machines or enjoying a collection of multiple machines, collecting and tinkering with antique slot machines can be a fascinating hobby. If you’re looking to play on retro slots in a bitcoin casino we recommend you click that link.

Bally Slot Machines

Founded in the 1930’s by Raymond Maloney, Bally Technologies has been manufacturing Bally slot machines for the gaming industry for some 75 years. While Bally is best known amongst game enthusiasts as one of the major manufacturers of pinball machines, there are over 300,000 Bally slot machines out in circulation, and it is hard to find a casino without some live modern Bally machines on the floor. A few notable models of Bally slot machines are the Money Honey, the Playboy and Blazing 7s.

Mills Slot Machines

Mills slot machines are a Depression era line of machines that were very prominent during the early 20th century. A few classic old models of Mills Slot Machines are the Puritan Bell, the Copper Extrordinare and the Black Cherry Hightop Over/Under. One of the rarest but most intriguing models is the Mills Dewey Double, a man sized machine that is operated by a hand crank and plays live period music while it operates.

Jennings Slot Machines

Jennings slot machines began appearing during the early 1900’s with slick chrome models like the Gooseneck and the Victoria. However, some of their most interesting models appeared later with their electromechanical slot machines of the 50’s through the 70’s. Some famous Jennings slot machines include the Little Duke, the Rockaway Jackpot and the Solid Sun Chief. While many of the old machines are no longer in operation, there are also Jennings slot machine repair manuals on the market for enthusiasts who find a non working model and feel up to the challenge.

Watling Slot Machines

Watling slot machines are far less common than the Mills and Bally slot machines, but Watling slot machines are amongst some of the most attractive and interesting of the old machines, especially if you admire old time woodworking and furniture from the early 1900’s. Watling slot machines have an Old West look like some thing straight out of a saloon. A few classic models of Watling slot machines are the Watling Brownie, the Rol-a-top and especially the old upright machines.

Slot Machine Accessories

However, while parts can be found through antique slot machine vendors if you are looking to repair a broken machine, you are probably better off having a professional take a look at it if you are not very experienced with tinkering with old mechanisms. There are also reproductions of owners manuals available for many old slot machines such as the Mill’s Operators Guide published by Yesteryear.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethernet Over Copper?

When a business owner decides to upgrade to information technology as a primary tool of the enterprise, he or she is faced with many decisions, but one he or she may not have considered in the past is the means of access to the internet. Today there are a number of options; primary is the decision to go with Ethernet over Copper as the main providing technology. This is by no means a simple decision, and the correct answer is a plentiful as the number of people asked, both sides have strong arguments for their preferred technology.

What do the business owners think?

Any business owner will tell you the first thing they want to know when making a decision about the business is what the cost will be. For new buildings verses upgrades the difference is large, add in the option of wireless transmission and the difference becomes huge. But smart business people understand there is more to it than initial cost. The life cycle cost of each option closes the gap, and then there are the discussions of current and future capabilities to consider.

Pulling cable from a distant source to the site, then preparing and installing the cable internally to the facility and, likely to every room in the facility is a daunting and expensive task. That is why the option of wireless local area networking is becoming popular. If the facility is not within reach of an accessible transmitter, the cost to wire the building for a transmitting router is still less than pulling the copper to every room.

Wireless areas in depth

These wireless local area networks have a functional range of approximately 95 meters or so, more than adequate to cover most buildings. If the facility is huge, there may be a need for several transmitters, but again this is cheaper and more flexible that hard wiring. This might lead one to the conclusion that wireless has a tremendous advantage over wired transmission and the decision should be easy, but that belies the reality of security concerns.

As identity theft grows as a national concern, it highlights the less discussed but perhaps more important risks that companies and businesses in general have to handle. They are, in many cases not only morally, but legally required to safeguard the data they possess. For consumers it is critical, but to preserve proprietary information that makes the company competitive it is equally important. Here the hard wired access has the advantage for the time being. While it has developed since its inception, the original security features WiFi provide were inadequate, and they are still easier to penetrate than hard wired access.

In addition to security, the hard wired enthusiast will carefully explain that the data transmission capability is much greater that wireless transmission, and will continue to grow at a more rapid pace. Wireless enthusiasts counter that eventually any technology provided via cable will be available over WIFI. The question then turns to the direction and uses of the technology being provided access, the users device.

If popularity is the measure of the competition, then surely the information technology universe is headed solidly in the mobile capability direction. Recent new device releases are decidedly wireless and popular to an historic degree. There are still those who prefer the solid desk top computing ensemble, but the laptop community has breached that hull as well, developing docking devices that turn the laptop into a desktop device, and saving a lot of desk space at the same time.

Final thoughts

So as the battle is pitched, the new business owner or those desiring to enter the world wide web provision the decision about Ethernet over Copper will remain one they must make on instinct, perhaps after discussing it with the employees who will be using the devices most. Fortunately, for the time being either option seems to be a good one. Unless and until one makes a decidedly great step ahead in capability or security, either option will suffice to get the business operating in the digital world.

For more about ethernet switches, check out this link:

Write Your First EBook for Extra Income

EBooks are the new book of the internet. You can find almost any book written as an eBook. An eBook is simply a book that has been written on a computer by an author, but has been set up to be bought and read electronically on the computer, instead of buying a hard copy of the book in a store. Many people are becoming familiar with eBooks and looking for them online now days. To write your first eBook you should follow these simple steps.


The first thing that you want to do when writing an eBook is decide what you want to write about. You could write an eBook about anything from parenting to cleaning to budgeting and much, much more. The possibilities are endless. The way that you should choose your niche topic is by figuring out what topics you know a lot about. Do you know a lot about sewing or the economy. Start with a topic that you already have some knowledge about and want to learn more about.


Once you have figured out your topic you will want to figure out who your audience will be that will be interested in this book. Will your book be appealing to economists, doctors, lawyers? Who will search for key words in your topic to find your book and then be interested enough to read it.


The next thing you want to do is give your eBook a catchy title. The title should be very appealing to the audience who you have decided will want to read the book. If you are writing a book about how busy moms can make easy Christmas centerpieces, then you will want to play the key words in your title.

Use all of the key words that would interest the audience that you can. So your title may be “How busy moms can make a festive holiday centerpiece for the Christmas dinner table”. Some of the key words that are often searched for in that title would be moms, holiday, Christmas, and dinner. So searches with any of those words could help draw more traffic to your eBook.


You want to grab and keep the readers attention when they are reading your eBook. Make sure to include new, innovative ideas, thoughts, and suggestions in the eBook to keep the reader engaged. Do your research to find out new information on your niche topic to include in your eBook. You can combine new ideas through research with your ideas and write a very interesting and engaging eBook that will keep readers coming back for more.

Source: eBookWeek

You Can Sleep During Pregnancy: The Miracle of Maternity Pillows

Although the most well-known symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness, “How to Handle Morning Sickness” has terrific tips on dealing with that aspect of pregnancy), one of the hardest things about expecting a baby is how exhausted you are all the time. First, you start carrying around more weight than you’re used to, and then you’ve got crazy hormonal things happening that can leave you feeling out of sorts.

If you’re like me, your feet are swelling and becoming kind of painful. And then, once you get into bed to recover from all of that, you can’t sleep, especially as your belly grows and becomes a larger and larger thing to manage. There is help, though. An entire industry has grown up around the creation of maternity pillows. These pillows to be used during pregnancy range widely in size and shape and purpose (as well as price), and all of them claim that they are the key to a restful sleep.

Pregnancy / Maternity pillows

During the third trimester of pregnancy, when your belly is enormous and interfering with your rest at night, you start to become desperate for help. Also, when you’re pregnant and lying down, often you get heartburn and your backaches. To make things worse, the current recommendations tell you that you should not sleep on your back or belly, making sleeping on your side the only real option. Pregnancy pillows are not a miracle, but they can help you get some extra rest while pregnant. Although there are more pregnancy pillows out there, here I tell you about the pregnancy / maternity pillows I used personally: the Snoogle pillow, the best pregnancy pillow and a regular body pillow. All these pillows are easily found, either at Babies R Us, Target or other national chains, as well as online.

Snoogle Maternity Pillow by Leachco

I heard about the Snoogle on some of the baby boards. People raved about it. I raved about it too, when I got it. But it took some looking to get it, and it was a bit on the pricey side, I thought, for a pillow. This is a C-shape maternity pillow that helped me rest during my pregnancy. The pillow is cylindrical in shape, and it is curved at both ends. The way this pillow works is by supporting your belly and back, keeping your spine aligned. I bought this pillow towards around the time I was three months pregnant. My belly was starting to become pronounced enough that it was affecting my sleep because it wasn’t big enough to reach the mattress and gain support there, but it was kind of pulling me over and making me fight to stay on my side and not sleep on my belly. The Snoogle solved this problem because it provided support for my back so I could lean into the Snoogle and balance my weight better.. The way I used it is that one end started curved down between my knees, and then worked its way up, around my back, and the up under my head. It was a great feeling, like a cocoon. I slept better immediately after I started using it.

The Snoogle isn’t perfect, though. When you become very pregnant, it doesn’t provide support for the belly, and it has to be replaced or supplemented with other pillows. Also, the cover that it comes with is not particularly soft. It’s actually kind of rough. You might want to put a pillow case over the end that your face is against. Finally, it ain’t cheap. It runs around $50 (but when you’re pregnant, you’re willing to spend on rest – and you should, because once the baby comes, you won’t be getting much rest).

Back N’Belly by Leachco

There is a new pillow that Leachco has come out with that I would recommend. It is called the Back ‘N Belly.It allows you all the benefits of the Snoogle plus the belly support that the Snoogle. However, it has another of the disadvantages of the Snoogle – it is not highly portable. These are large items.

If price is a barrier (the Snoogle retails for about $50-60), instead of the Snoogle, you can get a regular body pillow at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Linens and Things. A regular body pillow is great for snuggling with, folding up behind you, and even for placing underneath your mattress when you want to have your feet a bit elevated so that the swelling drops.

Boppy Pregnancy Comfort Wedge

The Boppy Pregnancy Comfort Wedge is a nice little pillow. Unlike the Snoogle, it is small, highly portable, and inexpensive. It fits under your belly during the last weeks of pregnancy, when you’ve become a bit bigger than you ever imagined. And as your belly exceeds your expectations, there are unexpected difficulties. One of the main ones is a simple lack of support. This pillow solves that. I used it in combination with all my other pillows, and it was great. I got it at Target for about $15. Oh, the cover on the wedge is great, soft, smooth, and comfortable. The cover is also machine washable.

Shopping for Guns Online

So you’re in the market for a new gun. Maybe a new hunting rifle, a pistol, or a wildly popular AR-15. You have a computer and internet, and you’re thinking about buying a gun online. But you’ve never shopped for guns online before, and you’re not sure where to start. If you’re looking for a good rifle scope, click here for more!

If this is you, continue reading!

First of all, we should address a commonly asked question.

Can you buy guns online?

The answer is yes, you can. Law requires that any firearm you purchase be shipped to a licensed FFL dealer. As long as you find an FFL dealer who is willing to receive your firearm and transfer it to you, you can purchase a gun online just like you would any other item.

FFL stands for Federal Firearms License. A person who has an FFL can legally receive firearms and transfer them to another person. The transfer process may require an FFL dealer to fingerprint you, and perform a background check as well. As long as you have no felonies, you won’t have any problems.

FFL dealers usually charge a fee for their services. Expect to pay $20 or $25 to have a gun transferred to you. If the one you’re considering hiring will be charging more, consider looking around for another one who will stay within in this price range.

Where can you find an FFL dealer?

In most cases the company you purchase a firearm from can help you find one in your area. There are also a number of online listings of dealers who have FFLs. The Gun Network contains one of the most extensive listing of gun dealers, and is very easy to search.

And now time for the shopping!

As far as shopping for guns online goes, you have two basic options:

Retail companies. Impact guns, Bud’s Gun Shop, and The Gun Source are a few examples of online gun retailers. You’ll find fairly competitive pricing at most of these. Be sure to price the item you’re looking for at three or four different sites, to find the best deal.

Auction companies. Gunbroker, Auction Arms, and Guns America are the most well-known gun auction companies. Here you’ll find both new and used guns. You may be able to pick up a used one for quite a deal, if you’re patient and look around. Ebang is a great place to look for guns for sale. It’s a gun search engine that compiles the listings of a number of auction and retail companies into one, making it easy to price compare. You may also visit any of the sites listed at Ebang for a closer look at their inventory.

If you decide to purchase from a retailer, be sure to contact them to make sure the item you want is in stock prior to placing your order – even if their website states that it is. If you don’t, you may end up waiting a long time before receiving your new gun. If you decide to purchase at an auction site, just make sure the seller has a good reputation. That is, he/she has received good feedback from other buyers.

In conclusion, it’s 100% legal to purchase guns online, as long as you have them shipped to an FFL dealer. If you spend some time looking around, you can probably save a fair amount of money shopping online. With that, good luck in your next firearm purchase!

Microsoft Excel – Most Common Function Groups

Microsoft excel has a lot of functions that you can use for the worksheets that you use. To see all of the functions that are available, refer to reference available in Microsoft Excel (or Google “Excel” followed by one of the below categories that is in bold to see all the functions in that category!). These functions are often performed to manipulate, modify, change, or view the data in the cells of a Microsoft Excel worksheet. The list of all of these worksheet functions can be found are at the official Microsoft Excel reference that is available with the Microsoft Excel product. If you’re looking to become an Excel expert, we strongly recommend you go to:

The functions are separated into categories. I will talk about the different categories and what kind of functions are available in each category.

These functions are just some of the functions that are available in Microsoft Excel. Most of them cannot be used very efficiently just by themselves. You have to know when to use which one and how to use them together to perform the proper function in an Excel worksheet cell to achieve the desired result.

Database functions

When you use an Excel worksheet in conjunction with a database you can use these functions to perform mathematical calculations from the data retrieved from the database entries.

Date and time functions

A cell with a date and time function usually modifies some text to convert it to a date or different parts of that date. Most of the functions convert serial numbers to dates and dates to serial numbers.

Engineering functions

This group of functions is fairly advanced and has operations that are done at the engineering level which probably won’t be necessary for any common tasks.

Financial functions

There are a lot of financial calculations that are done for example investments and assets. There are functions available in this category that will help with those calculations.

Information functions

These kinds of functions return information about the cell, whether it is text, an integer, a Boolean, etc. along with other related information

Logical functions

This category includes the basic logic of functions such as “and”, “or”, “if”, “true”, and “false”. These kinds of functions are often used with cells, inside of nested functions.

Lookup and reference functions

These functions return properties and information about objects that you use in the function such as a row number or for looking up the value of an array.

Math and trigonometry functions

These are the basic mathematic and trigonometric functions that are available and are often used by mathematicians and also to perform basic tasks.

Statistical functions

Anything related to probability and statistics can be found here in this statistical category.

Text functions

Any kind of manipulation you want to do to a string of text can be found in this category of functions.

External functions

There are two functions in this category that convert Euros and also perform SQL requests which are not very common functions.

The usefulness of this list is realized when you want to find out what kind of functions are available to you in a certain category of work for whcih you are using Microsoft Excel. Searching for help on a specific category of functions in Microsoft Excel will liekly yield much better search results as opposed to searching for random available Excel functions. The above is an official Microsoft Excel function categories.

How to Use a Wide-Barrel Curling Iron

If you don’t know how to use a wide-barrel curling iron, the procedure is fairly simple. Keep in mind that a wide-barrel curling iron is generally used to create loose waves and big, loose curls. The size of the barrel on a curling iron determines the size of the curl you will get, which ultimately dictates the type of styles you can wear. A wide-barrel curling iron is generally anywhere from 1½” to 2″ in diameter. The is the highest seller for Tyme curling irons, read more Tyme curling iron reviews here.

Using a wide-barrel curling iron is relatively simple. First, you will need to determine the type of curling iron to use. For a shiny look, ceramic curling irons are best. Try to find a curling iron with variable heat settings to avoid frying your hair and overheating. If you don’t have a ceramic curling iron, another excellent option is one that features negative ions and protects the hair from the heat. That being said, heat control is a very important feature on a wide-barrel curling iron, since different hair types require different levels of heat. Wide-barrel curling irons with swivel cords and indicator lights are also convenient to use.

As always, a fresh head of hair is easiest to style. After thoroughly washing and drying your hair, make sure your hair is completely combed through and free of tangles. You will curl small sections of hair at a time. Separate the hair and use fasteners, such as duck bill clamps or clips, which allow you to work effortlessly. Most importantly, before proceeding, use a heat protectant to prevent heat damage. There are tons of heat serums and thermal sprays, all of which provide the necessary protection.

Women with long hair will find it more efficient to begin curling at the back, whereas women with shorter hair should begin at the crown. By working with small sections of hair, you will have a nicer curl and a more professional look. Once you have clamped the wide-barrel curling iron onto your hair, roll from the tip of the hair up until approximately an inch from your scalp and hold it there. Again, this is where heat settings become an important feature on a wide-barrel curling iron. If your heat is adjusted to a setting appropriate for your hair type, be it fine, coarse or in between, then you should only need to hold your hair in the curling iron for approximately 10 seconds. Once you have held it for the necessary length of time, release the hair by sliding the barrel out.

At this point, to continue easily and effortlessly, secure the completed curl with a pin or clip to avoid getting the hair tangled up with future curls. This avoids repeating the procedure on the same section of hair that has already been exposed to heat, thereby preventing additional damage to your hair. If your hair is long enough to use a wide-barrel curling iron, you can achieve a beautiful look with loose curls or waves. A wide-barrel curling iron also creates a beautiful, loosely curled ponytail.

Internet Poker, a Craze Amongst the Ages

I have played poker nearly my entire life. In college I became excited about my skills and spent a lot of time in a New England casino fine tuning my talent. But it was Internet poker that got me reacquainted with my hobby. Sometimes being a college students obtaining credit is easier than obtaining cash. Anytime I didn’t feel like doing laundry or if I wanted some free stuff I would go to the school bookstore and sign up for credit cards and receive a free shirt. I believe at one point I had around eight various credit cards. This isn’t uncommon so warn your children who are going off to school and give them plenty of quarters for the laundry room so they don’t mess up their financial records.

The beauty of Internet poker is that there is always a game going on or a tournament of some kind. 5:30 am you can’t sleep, do you think your friends want to play cards with you to keep you occupied? Right now if I double click on my mouse within seconds I have well over one hundred games and tournaments at my fingertips. Of course they are strangers but who better if you are trying to take their money? The worst case is when a group of guys who take each others money every weekend or on a regular basis go to a casino only to sit at the same table surrounded by the same people. Not only is that unintelligent but it takes away front he true value of the game. How do you become better at anything playing the same opponents time after time. Expansion is key and the World Wide Web is breakthrough for poker and poker players.

What most people think

Most people argue that it is not the same as in real life. They are right for the most part. It is harder to catch tells and read your enemy. I use the word enemy because thats what the opponents are. Poker is war. The chips and how you use them determine your strength and skill. To think of the game otherwise is only taking steps backwards.

A common complaint of the game online is, “I always lose” or “The game seems weighted”. If anything, and people don’t realize that it is too random. Well guess what? There is no such thing as too random. Its numbers and math, which are including in almost everything if not everything that we do. Only difference is that it is a computer doing our dirty work and calculations also known to humans as “shuffling”. If you can’t play the odds don’t play the game. That brings another point to mind. If your the person who argues and complains about every loss, you too should not play the game. Poker is not about luck either, although it is included and a key aspect of the game. There is a reason why it’s the same nine players or so at the final table in the World Series of Poker Championships every year even after the popularity of the game skyrocketed. All said and done if you can not afford to play or your going to complain and emphasize every loss then poker is not for you. Your going to lose. Your job is to give yourself the best chances of not losing.

You need patience in poker

Another component a player must have to win on or off line is patience. At a full table if you can win one decent hand every hour and minimize your loses by folding, not chasing cards, or plainly not giving away your money your in good shape. This is definitely much harder to do online. Its more flashy, more fun, and you don’t have your friends around to keep you company and chat up a storm in between hands. Besides, chat boards in the online game are usually full of nonsense and heckling. You want results and you probably expect them fast. The key here is that online you have the option of playing at more than one table at a time. Who would have ever thought? Poker took a step closer to blackjack. Faster paced allowing you to sit out at the tourney tables where you have a comfortable lead. This helps with our need for fast paced entertainment and also allows us to play more conservatively at the same time.

Playing poker for free is not my idea of a good time. To make it more competitive the poker websites host satellite tournaments. A satellite tournament is a regular tournament only super sized. They also usually consist of a prize a the end, either a chance to win a seat at the World Series, free stuff or other ingenious ways to keep you playing on their website. Speaking of websites, some of the more popular ones are Poker 99 Online , Fulltilt and Paradise Poker. All of which I would recommend since I have been successful on all of them most recently Fulltilt acquiring nearly one million in chips.

Final point to be made

Last but not least whether playing online or in real life the player needs to bet his hand not gamble. If you are confused think of it this way. A gamble is something that is uncertain. A huge risk for a usually less than huge reward. A bet is something you place more confidence behind. It is like saying to your friend, ” I bet I can get more phone numbers from girls than you at this bar tonight”. Your do your best to succeed. And you wouldn’t put your money behind it unless you thought you had a good chance. Especially since your friend is an ugly mug and your absolutely stellar.

Since the online game has changed and the initial poker surge in 2000 has relatively come to an end we find ourselves asking is it just a phase? The answer is easy. NO. Poker will be here forever. It has just never been more mainstreamed before and with every mainstream comes change. It probably will fall in television ratings and modern popularity but the game will never die. If you want to find a poker table you will never have to look too hard whether a friends basement, online or in a casino.
Minimize your loses and maximize your profits. Happy betting.

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